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Protecting Your Lawn from Animals and Pests and Using Denver Landscaping Services

June 14, 2017

Ah, summer is nearly here. The sun is shining brightly, temperatures are warmer, and for many of you, you have just completed your spring landscaping and yardwork. These are time and budget consuming projects! While you hope that nothing happens to your front yard masterpiece, it is in the great outdoors—meaning pests and animals can be attracted to it. You don’t want all your hard work and valuable dollars to go to waste! It is important to protect your yard and landscaping from unwanted pests and animals. Learn some of the best ways to keep your lawn safe from animals, go-to information on how insects and pests can hurt plants, shrubs and trees and general landscaping tips for this season.

Keeping Your Lawn Safe from Animals

Burrowing animals are some of the most common animals that negatively impact lawns in Colorado. According to the Colorado State University Extension’s Burrowing Animals, there are four main types of animals that can be pesky in lawns! They explain there are voles (field mice), pocket gophers, prairie dogs and Wyoming ground squirrels. To help keep your lawn safe, they advise to use repellents, traps and poison grain baits to keep animals away from your lawn and landscaping. If you have a garden, you can always put barriers around the foods you are growing to keep animals from eating them.

Insects and Pests That Can Hurt Plants and Trees

It is important to monitor your trees, plants and shrubs to make sure insects and pests are not hurting them. One insect common to the area are aphids. One of the top ways they spread is thriving on dying trees and plants and feeding off its fluids. Mites are also insects that feed off ailing plants and the lilac borer that thrives off ailing trunks of trees. Therefore, you should make sure your plants and trees have enough water and nutrients. Last, the elm leaf beetle is another common Denver insect that eats between the veins of a leaf, so you will know there is an issue just by looking at the leaves.

Landscaping Tips

To keep your landscaping and lawn in quality shape, getting enough water is key. Too much water will hurt them while too little water will dry them out. Installing a sprinkler system from a local sprinkler company will help combat watering issues and give you more time back in your day. It is also important to periodically prune your trees and plants to encourage growth. If there are any weeds growing in your lawn or landscaping, make sure to pull them and use weed killer to make sure they do not pop up again.
Do you already have a sprinkler system? Make sure you know the steps for checking of sprinkler systems this summer. If you don’t, Water Solutions Sprinkler Service will help. Not only can we help you with sprinkler installation or repair, but offer premier landscaping services as well. Contact us today to see how we can help you.