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Steps for Checking of Sprinkler Systems this Summer

May 24, 2017

As summer approaches, this is an excellent time to tackle the maintenance of your irrigation system - before the heat of the summer is bearing down on your lawn. Bear in mind that the problems with irrigation do not become obvious during the cooler periods of the year. However, once the temperature becomes hot, your irrigation system will have to provide that lifeline that your plants need. For that reason, it is important now to make any necessary adjustments to the heads and zones for the appropriate watering times. Below is a checklist of several maintenance routines that you should adopt for your Denver Sprinkler Systems.

Conducting an Inspection

First, you should do a thorough inspection of your irrigation system. This means that you should start with your backflow preventer on to your valves. You should also pay attention to soil erosion, soggy landscape, and standing water. If your irrigation system comes with a controller, be sure that all the programs are working properly. The battery in your controller must be replaced once per year for the correct backup power when it is needed.

The Sprinklers

You should ensure that your sprinklers are checked as frequently as possible, especially if above ground because they can be easily misdirected or damaged. Inspect the irrigation line, starting with the valve and then to the spray heads, looking for any leaks. If necessary, you may need to replace damaged spray heads, but in doing so, be sure to install the right spray heads. The sprinkler heads also have to be flushed with the soil surface and in an upright position. Clear away any other obstacles that may obstruct the sprinkler spray. Adjust the sparkler heads to prevent them from spraying on your driveway, wall, or sidewalk.

Drip Irrigation

If you are considering drip irrigation, then make sure to turn on your irrigation system about half an hour prior to its inspection. This allows sufficient timing for wetting patterns to be shown for the emitters. Check for any clogging or leaking in your emitters. In addition, you might have to move your emitters to the drip line of your plants for each season, even if you have to buy additional connectors and tubing.

The Valves

Your valves are central to your irrigation system because of the regulation that they provide to water distribution. If your valve is leaking, it will waste water and you will see a higher water bill. So, it is important that you inspect each of your valves to ensure proper operation. Be sure to do this before you even turn on your sprinkler system. In addition, check for the right water pressure before turning on the main water valve.

If you want to learn more about the steps for an early summer check of your sprinkler system, it is advised that you speak to the sprinkler system experts at Water Solutions Sprinkler Service in Parker, Colorado. You can contact us today for a consultation at 720-435-1495, we would be happy to help you out.