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5 Ways to Add the Perfect Summer Outdoor Area to Your Denver Landscaping

March 22, 2017

With summer right around the corner, spring is a great time to make sure your landscape design in Denver accommodates your lifestyle! Make your backyard or patio area outdoor-friendly to hang out and relax with these ideas!
  1. Private Getaway: Whether you live in a busy city or neighborhood, there are many ways to make your backyard into a secluded retreat. First, by adding fencing, whether it is a tall privacy fence or brick walls, you can begin to make things more closed-in and private. Next, add plants and vines around the fencing and all around the area to give it a cozier feel. Last, find comfortable outdoor patio furniture that is great to relax in.
  2. Personalize: Your home may fit your personality, but what about your backyard? Why shouldn’t it fit your style? Whether it is modern or traditional, you can make the outdoors work. For instance, have you considered adding any string lighting? Throw pillows on your outdoor furniture in cool and unique colors and patterns? What about a chalkboard to put fun quotes, to-dos, menus, etc. on? If you are crafty, check out these 40+ Outstanding DIY Backyard Ideas from Cute DIY Projects.
  3. Denver Sprinkler System Installation: How much time are you spending on maintaining your lawn? Consider investing in a sprinkler system to keep your landscaping watered to the perfect amount. This way, you will have time to enjoy your outdoor space and you can let the sprinklers handle all the hard work.
  4. Cover your Patio and Other Areas: Adding a roof to your patio can dress up the space and add shelter from the sun and rain. It also creates a solution to keep outdoor furniture and cooking equipment protected from the outdoor elements. From there, you can personalize your covered patio with cute ball jar lighting or other hanging décor. Don’t want to cover your patio? What about adding umbrellas and other types of shading to spend time outside. It is especially great by pools. Plus, they add a pop of color that brightens up your space.
  5. Add Relaxing Furniture: How comfortable is your outdoor furniture? Step it up! Consider adding comfortable furniture to relax in on those cool summer nights. For instance, what about a hammock? It’s great to add on a porch or in the yard. Looking for something simpler? Think about incorporating a swing into your decor. Styles range from standard wood, to others with plush cushions to create a small area of refuge in your own backyard oasis! Last, many folks these days are adding higher quality outdoor furniture to their patios and keeping them clean from debris.  From contemporary to traditional, there are many different tastes to suit your lifestyle.
If you need to make your Denver landscaping match to the excellence of your outdoor patio area, let the team at Water Solutions Sprinkler Service help! We will turn your yard into a gorgeous space to relax in. Plus, we can install a sprinkler system to handle all the maintenance giving you more time to relax this summer. Give us a call at (720) 435-1495 or fill out a contact form to get started.